Star shaped solid oak chopping or serving board

Star shaped solid oak chopping or serving board

Code: 10466


D: 2cm (0.8")Di: 38cm (15")


Perfect for Christmas and will look beautiful displayed on your kitchen counter all year round.
Not just a chopping board - use as a beautiful seasonal serving board for breakfast treats, cheeses, charcuterie or cakes. 
Serve breakfast croissants on and bring a smile first thing in the morning.
Or decorate with twinkling lights and lean against a wall, put in a window or use to hold your favourite candles.

Care Instructions:
As wood is a natural and organic material, it requires special care – please follow these instructions:
Rub on all sides with sunflower oil before using for the first time and repeat at regular intervals.
Please avoid the dishwasher and instead wash the cutting board with warm, running water and dry immediately afterwards. Do not leave to soak in water.
Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Material:          Oak

Diameter:  38cm
Thickness: 2.0 cm