Lazy Susan - Solid Oak Wood Turntable

Lazy Susan - Solid Oak Wood Turntable

Code: 10436


Di: 28cm (11")

£35.20 £46.95

Exceptional quality, gorgeous solid oak turntable - engraved with a small heart detail on the front.
Use to display your condiments (chutneys, sauces and dips) or spices in the kitchen or as a coffee prep area or cocktail station.
Having guests around for drinks - load up your favourite snack bowls with popcorn, crisps, nuts etc. and place on your Lazy Susan for easy sharing!

Why not create a gorgeous vignette, a small group of objects that you love, to create an attractive focal point - a candle, small vase of flowers,  a group of favourite ornaments.

Made from: Oak Wood

Diameter: 28cm