Light grey large ceramic candlestick bowl

Light grey large ceramic candlestick bowl

Code: 10399


H: 6cm (2.4")Di: 31cm (12.2")

£36.00 £48.00

Large matt light grey ceramic candlestick bowl.  Display beautifully on a side table, kitchen counter or window sill.

Fill or decorate the bowl with items - maybe some greenery and mini fir cones and simply change throughout the year for Easter, summer, Christmas etc.

Finish off your look by adding one of our candle cuffs available on website.

Care advice: These candle bowls are handmade, untreated matt ceramic and it is therefore natural that there may be tiny dots in the ceramic.

Important: If you fill your candlebowl with decorations please remember to protect the surface with some plastic so that the material does not absorb what you put in it. Should an accident occur and you mark the product use the special sponge included which is perfect for cleaning matt ceramic.  Just dip in warm water and gently rub the stain.